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Scribbled Thought Theatre Ltd. Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England and Wales: 8723457


We aim to make thought provoking theatre about topics that we think are important. In doing this we want to create work that inspires; whether inspiring change or inspiring audiences and fellow theatre makers to create work of their own. We also want to educate; for audiences to learn something new about themselves, other people and the world around us. To help us to achieve these aims we aim to deliver educational and participatory work with all of our main projects exploring the drama on stage and off and seeing what unfolds...


Superhero Snail Boy Website

Superhero Snail Boy is a play for everyone ages 9+. If follows the journey of two 11 year olds, Tillie and Inari, who have both experienced bereavement. We follow them on a fantastical journey of discovery as they travel through real and imaginary worlds learning how to deal with their fears through laughter, friendship, smashing plates and screaming into pillows. 


With 20% of children under 10 suffering from depression (Mindfull report 2013) we think that it is very important to teach children and adults not to fear their emotions, but to manage and express them.

School performances and workshops for years 5 - 8:


The play (1hr) and associated workshops (1hr) are very relevant to core themes 1 and 2 of Key Stages 2 and 3 PSHE of the UK National Curriculum:

  • Emotional Literacy

  • Transition - bereavement and between schools


More information on education packages is in our education pack available to download by clicking on the links below.





Superhero Snail Boy will be touring the UK May - July 2014 and is available to schools.

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To enquire about Superhero Snail Boy coming to your school please contact