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To be a hub for creative talent that supports emerging and established artists to produce important, challenging and high quality work across arts forms.




Scribbled Thought is a creative production company. We take control of the admin so artists, both established and emerging, can concentrate on making great work without the stress of spreadsheets. Together we aim to produce important and though-provoking theatre that discusses big ideas, through small human stories told in surprising ways. We work across arts forms to find and make the work that truly excites us and our audiences.


Developing ideas - Scribbling and playing:


  • We want to support artists at all stages in their careers to scribble and unleash their ideas. We will then work to provide structure and framework to turn those scribbled lines and jumbled words into structured plans to build upon in taking those ideas off the page and to the stage (or wherever they are best suited). We want to work with both emerging and established artists and facilitate collaborations between the two to take new risks and learn from each other on the way.


  • We work across arts forms so as not to limit ourselves or the ideas of those we work with to make sure that their stories are told in the most suitable and imaginative way possible.


  • We offer tailor made support in reaching the shared aim of making great work. Such support depends entirely on the needs of the individual and what stage of development they are at; this can include workshops, R&D, sharings and eventually producing full productions.


Producing work - Perfecting and presenting:


We want audiences to leave with that same feeling of excitement of when we first shared your 'light bulb moment' and to leave feeling the need to tell someone that they have seen and experienced something special. We want to create tourable work to reach as wide an audience as possible. We don't want ideas to be limited by stages and want to challenge artists and encourage audiences by presenting work in both theatres and non-traditional theatre spaces, wherever the idea leads them.


If you want to tell an important story in a creative way then let us know. If it excites us, then we will work with you to find your voice and to shout it from the rooftops!


Contact Company Director Steph Connell at steph@scribbledthoughttheatre.co.uk







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